At Mankato we grow some of the more popular hop varieties. We offer our hops in both pound and four ounce parcels, vacuum-sealed in metallized packages to preserve freshness. Our hops are available in pellets as well as fresh, “wet” hops in limited quantities during August and September.

NEW for 2014 - Pelletized Hops! We are proud to offer pelletized hops, made in a Ohio Department of Agriculture certified food safe processing facility.  All pelletized hops are tested to provide Alpha and Beta acids as well as other essential oil levels.  Fellow hop farmers, if you're looking for a pelletizing source please contact us to discuss a possible partnership.

We grow and process the following varieties: 

  • Cascade 
  • Chinook 
  • Centennial 
  • Columbus
  • Fuggle 
  • Mt Hood


In addition to hops we also offer a variety of produce. For more information contact Tom Hoenie at tom@mankatofarms.com or 937-414-7543.